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The podcast for life in Norton

County, Kansas

Proudly brought to you by Norton Area Chamber of Commerce and Norton County Community Foundation

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Station 15 Podcast highlights human interest stories from Norton County, Kansas.

Join us as we re-think what it means to be rural and explore the

spirit, culture, and people who call this place home.

What's in a name? Our podcast's name is inspired by one of Norton's historical treasures. Station 15 was the 15th stop along the Leavenworth - Pike's Peak Express Stage Line, which began operating in the spring of 1859 in order to carry passengers and freight from the Missouri River to the Colorado gold fields. The Line had twenty-five stations, each one located about twenty-five miles apart, with six men and extra livestock at each station. 


Station 15 helped put Norton on the map, and today, Norton is a frequent stop for travelers on Hwy 36. But we’re more than a pin on a map. We’re a hometown, a place to work, a place to raise a family, a place to retire. This podcast will help tell our story and shape the direction of our future.


Each mini-season explores a central theme, all from a rural lens. In season 1, we looked at holistic health. What does "mind, body, and soul" healthcare look like in a rural community?  Season 2 is all about Norton County! There are a few things everyone thinks about when they first move to an area: where to live, work, and play; where to send your kids, whether it’s school or daycare; and how to get involved. We cover those topics and more through interviews with local guests.


Episodes are released every Tuesday - see you then!


  Meet the Host  

Meet the Host

The host of Station 15 Podcast is

Tyus Henson.


Tyus was born and raised in Norton, Kansas. After graduating from Norton Community High School in 2017, he left to continue his education at Brigham Young University in Utah. During the summer of 2018, he moved to the East Coast where he sold solar energy in Brooklyn, NY.  After completing another year in school, he moved back to Norton to help run his family’s business, Wesco Commodities.


Tyus is active in various community projects and is the assistant Junior High boys basketball coach.

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Or, listen here by clicking each episode below. 

Season 2: Welcome to Norton County, Newbies~

Season 1: Holistic Health


Norton County Community Foundation

112 S. Kansas Ave, Suite 308

Norton, KS  67654

Tel: 785-874-5106

Norton Area Chamber of Commerce

205 S. State Street

Norton, KS 67654

Tel: 785-877-2501

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